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My Race For Autism Fundraising Page

Christa Reynolds

Christa Reynolds

In 2000 I started dancing with Balletcenter Studios (then Music and the Mirror) with Michelle. She had three amazing children who would appear at the studio, two of which I would see quite often, a little boy and a girl. It was such place of love for dance and children.
Illness prevented me from continuing in 2001.
Then, we added our own elves to the family and one day they expressed the desire to dance in that studio we would see on our walks. And so in 2014 first the girls, then I joined weekly classes again. And the strangest thing happened, the little boy and girl were still there, seemingly unchanged and never had gotten older. It took me a while to realize that Michelle had two more magical beings join her family! The youngest was Catalina, who would be there with her ballet mistress mom and who was the most wonderous of them all. She would greet us all with the biggest smile and soon by name. Her exuberance at seeing us just made me melt.
Catalina is autistic. And she is a light.

Catalina is now just a couple of years away from adulthood. She will always need extra support to navigate her own world in ours. And there are remarkable organizations out there that bring resources to Catalina and her peers as she ventures though the years.

So today I'm asking you to join me in supporting one of them.

And we will run with our tutus to raise money for them all! 💪🏻💪🏽💪🏿


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