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Team SMP Alabama

Team SMP Alabama

I'm doing something "super" for April's Autism Awareness month by participating in the 2021 Virtual Race for Autism SUPERHERO Challenge and would love for you to join me! As you know, this cause is very dear to me. Autism affects 1-in-54 children in the US today. That's why the Race this year will include a 54k, 10K, and 5K run/ walk tthat can be done individually, or as a combined team total.

This family friendly event is a great way to help change the future for someone with autism! Every dollar raised goes to directly support autism programs, services, employment programs, outreach efforts, and educational initiatives that are making a difference. THANKS to the support of people like you, NFAR has already supported over 800 educators and invested nearly 2 MILLION dollars.

Please join our team and give as generously as you can. Your support is greatly appreciated! Together, let's be Heroes for those with autism! Team SMP Alabama


Go Jessica McCafferty for walking 13.5 miles over the 10 days!!

Go Jessica McCafferty for walking 13.5 miles over the 10 days!!

Way to go Rhonda Scarborough for completing 3.63 miles!!


Congrats Keith Brooks aka Porkchop on 34.8 miles overall!!

Warrior Poses: Lindsey Ashley, Jud Robinson, Betsy Clark

What a fun time we had during our group walk!!

Big THANKS to our night crew Super heroes!!

Congrats Jourdan Green for 33.5 miles total!!

Give it up for Lindsey Ashley- 7 days and a total of 41 miles!! Thank you for coming to our group walk and supporting Plant 2!! YOU ROCK!

You did it Laquita Faust !!! .... 5.7 miles on 4/9

Go Brandy Bobo for contributing 4.12 miles !!!

Brittney Rhodes walked 2.27 miles for the cause!!!

Brian Hawkins walked it out with 9.1 miles. Go Brian!

Jennifer Causey racked in another 17.77 miles. Go Jenn!

Jualetha clocked in 20.9 miles in the last 5 days. Sue Quick stepped it out with another 1.81 miles.

Rose Hill did another 9.71 miles on 4/8. You Rock!!

Angela Wiggins helped support with 6 days and 15.8 miles. Thank you Angela!!!

Dawn and Windy gave us a few more miles !! Dawn- 4.4 miles Windy- 11.94 miles

Go Devin Harris - 5 days and 8.28 miles

Anjushree Prasad was dedicated and pulled out 63.26 miles overall!!!!!

Rebekah McAdory walked a total of 24.3 miles. Way to go!

Over 7 days, Calvin McCaa put in 37.6 Miles. GO Cal !!

Rahul Krishnan made a nice walk around the Park for 6.25 miles!!

Rebecca Jordan completed another 11.3 miles !!

Way to go Amanda Garcia!!!

Kevin Mayo had a 10 day streak with 33.34 miles total!! Go Kevin!

Go Kristin LeMaster for 5 days and 13.92 miles!!

Congrats Rhonda for a total of 4.33 miles!!


Way to Go Dawn Clements... 5 days and 11.53 miles.

Caleb Stines walked another 3.9 miles this morning!! Way to start your day!

Keep it up Jualetha Harper - 5 days and 19.6 miles !! Woohoo

Windy Black is rocking the steps - 3 days and 13.7 miles !!

Cheers to Rebecca Jordan - 5 days and 12 miles !!

Way to go Amber Herring!!!!

Anthony Blake has reached a total of 41.6 miles from the 1st - 6th. Go Anthony!!!

Cheers for Rose Hill... She walked 11.23 miles yesterday 4/6. !!

Way to go Mitchell !!!


Go Sue!! For 4 days and 18.49 miles !!!

Congrats Caleb!!!! 4 Days and 15.3 miles !!!

Congrats to Jennifer Causey for 4 days and 12.85 miles !!

Congrats to Laquetta Faust on 3 days and 11 miles !!!

Team SMP Alabama
  • ABAbby Brindley
  • MZMaria Zambrano
  • BBBrandy Bobo
  • RKRahul Krishnan
  • KMKevin Mayo
  • APAnjushree Prasad
  • DBDonald Brooks
  • MEMitchell Evans
  • RHRose Hill
  • RJRebecca Jordan
  • HPHilary Parker
  • FVFrederick Vaughan
  • BRBrittney Rhodes
  • BSBrittney Sellers
  • LFLaquita Faust
  • JCJennifer Casey
  • KLKristin LeMaster
  • RSRhonda Scarborough
  • BCBetsy Clark
  • JGJourdan Green
  • CSCaleb Stines
  • AGAmanda Garcia
  • JRJud Robinson
  • SDStephen Dennis
  • KWKristin Werner
  • LPLezli Pregno
  • SQSue Quick
  • TBTracy Beam
  • LFLindsey Franklin
  • YCYumek Christion
  • CMCalvin McCaa
  • AHAmber Herring
  • RHRandy Hill
  • RMRichard Means
  • DCDawn Clements
  • WBWindy Black
  • ABAnthony Blake
  • BHBrian Hawkins
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