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Tam Pham

Tam Pham

On Saturday, March 28, 2020, thousands of SUPERHEROES will come together at the Race for Autism in Balboa Park to show their love and support for those with autism in our community. It’s going to be “Super!”

As you may know, this cause is very dear to some of our HUB team members. One person we will be walking for is Charlie Webb, Jessica Hurley-Webb's son. He was diagnosed with moderate to severe autism at age 2 years, 4 months. At the time, the news was devastating. Since then, the Webb family has had to fight – fight for information, fight for services, fight for inclusion, all in the name if their beautiful son. Through research, funding, and awareness, a devastating diagnosis has turned into a new mindset full of words and phrases, physical milestones, daily celebrations and lots of laughs. HUB is proud to be able to do something to help and support Jessica, her son, and all others who are affected by autism.

Autism affects 1 in 59 children in the US today, and over 20,000 individuals right here in San Diego. 100% of the dollars we raise stays in San Diego to help improve opportunities for those with autism in our community. The Race provides funding for autism treatment programs, vocational training for young adults, parent programs, educational workshops, and funding to hundreds of local classrooms, benefiting thousands of San Diego children and families each year. Every dollar truly makes a difference for our children! Please join me on March 28th in Balboa Park and give as generously as you can. Your support is greatly appreciated. You can be a SUPERHERO for autism! Thank you for your support Tam



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