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Tommy's Tripod Squad

Tommy's Tripod Squad

It's Race Time again, so here comes the guilt trip and the plea...

Tommy's Tripod Squad will join the thousands of SUPERHEROES at the 15th annual Race for Autism on SAT APRIL 6.

Tommy's poppa won't be running the 5K this year, but I will literally be the very first person in Balboa Park that morning. So please come join me. And bring me coffee and smiles.

It's a lovely morning or capes, superhero costumes, a beautiful flat course through the hear of Balboa Park and it all makes a difference for thousands of San Diego families impacted by autism. Plus, you also get to watch me wrangle tv cameras and anchormen in capes.

So all this means that you MUST register today for Tommy's Squad - or be prepared to suffer the wrath of his missing leg. Seriously, it will be nothing but scrambled eggs and suffering for you for all eternity if you ignore Tommy's Squad Goals.

(And if you do not feel up to running or walking or crawling out of bed at an early hour, feel free to register to Race from Home. You will be sent a race medal and a beautiful Race tee which I actually designed this year! That should be enough incentive in and of itself.)

I look forward to seeing you all. And of course, Tommy looks forward to seeing your name join his team and checking the list twice before unleashing his wrathful magic.

See you at the Race!


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