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Team My Max

Team My Max

I'm doing something "super" for April's Autism Awareness month by participating in the 2021 Virtual Race for Autism SUPERHERO Challenge and would love for you to join me! As you know, this cause is very dear to me. Autism affects 1-in-54 children in the US today. That's why the Race this year will include a 54k, 10K, and 5K run/ walk tthat can be done individually, or as a combined team total.

This family friendly event is a great way to help change the future for someone with autism! Every dollar raised goes to directly support autism programs, services, employment programs, outreach efforts, and educational initiatives that are making a difference. THANKS to the support of people like you, NFAR has already supported over 800 educators and invested nearly 2 MILLION dollars.

Please join our team and give as generously as you can. Your support is greatly appreciated! Together, let's be Heroes for those with autism! Team My Max



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1. RGRahel Gottlieb
2. KDKristy Drake
No better team than Team MyMax!
3. VFVoeltner Family
We love Team My Max!!!
4. KDKamryn Dobbins
I can’t wait for the return of Team My Max! Come on 2022!
5. DWDottie Welch
I hope next year the walk is on for my favorite neighbor Max!!!
6. MfMilks Fam