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I'm doing something "super" on World Autism Awareness Day by participating in the 2022 Race for Autism SUPERHERO 5K Run/ Walk in beautiful Balboa Park, and would love for you to join me! As you know, this cause is very dear to me. It’s hard for me to express my feelings to people, & making friends is even harder when you can’t communicate with them, I know a lot of kids don’t know better & don’t mean to be rude or just leave me out of games when it’s recess, and there’s kids like me all across this world who have to go thru it, but once a year I get to be a SUPER HERO 4 kids that will follow in my footsteps n have to endure the hurtful looks n whispers I do now, but they will have a lil better chance going thru it, since I’m helping my peers by fundraising so, they might not have to go thru it so hard…
IF YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT AUTISM FEELS LIKE PLS Listen to this song for me, “WELL GET BY” by johnny Orr band

Autism now affects 1-in-44 children in the US today. That's up from 1-in-54 just 3 years ago.

Your participation can help to change the future for someone with autism! Every dollar raised goes to directly support autism programs, services, employment programs, outreach efforts, and educational initiatives that are making a difference. THANKS to the support of people like you, the Race has funded over 900 initiatives and invested nearly 2 MILLION dollars.

Please join our team and give as generously as you can. Your support is greatly appreciated! Together, let's be SUPERHEROES for autism!    OHHH YEAH


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