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Lisa Lattarulo

Lisa Lattarulo

As you all know, our little Matthew was diagnosed with Autism a little over a year ago. But, our journey with him began long before that as we and other caregivers noticed some early warning signs. Though the process was, at times, overwhelming and confusing, we will be forever thankful for the early intervention and care we received from a dedicated team of doctors and therapists. This race directly supports programs and services right here in San Diego. Early intervention has shown to be the best way to improve outcomes for affected individuals. Over the past two years, Matthew has developed and grown and has exceeded expectations every step of the way. He has emerged as an adorable, funny, and joyful soul. There is truly no one else like him. There isn’t a single thing we would change about Matthew – he is who he was meant to be and that is a thing to celebrate.

Please join me on April 6th in Balboa Park and give as generously as you can. Your support is greatly appreciated. You can be a SUPERHERO for autism! Thank you for your support.


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you are amazing Matthew! Love, Stuzka Family

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