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Rohret Race

Rohret Race

The Rohret family has decided to do something "super" for April's Autism Awareness month by participating in the 2021 Virtual Race for Autism SUPERHERO Challenge. We would love for as many friends and family members to join us as possible. As most of you know, this cause is very dear to our hearts.

Autism affects 1-in-54 children in the US today, making it more prevalent than childhood cancers, juvenile diabetes and Down Syndrome COMBINED. We've chosen to run a 54K (collectively as a Team) to represent the 1 in 54. This family friendly event is a great way to help change the future for someone with autism!

Did you know that a heartbreaking 85% of people diagnosed with ASD today are unemployed? Every dollar raised goes to directly support autism programs, services, employment programs, outreach efforts, and educational initiatives that are making a difference in the lives of those with ASD. The National Foundation of Autism Research (NFAR) has already supported over 800 educators and invested nearly 2 MILLION dollars. If you would like to learn more about the NFAR organization, please visit their website at

Consider joining our team! Since the race is virtual this year, you don't have to live near us to join! You can join us on our walk/run in April (Date TBD) or you can choose walk/run (or leisurely hike) independently at your own pace & time between April 1-10.

Alternatively, if you are unable to walk/run, please consider donating to our fundraiser. Our goal is $1,250

Together, let's be Heroes for those with autism!

Your support is greatly appreciated!
Rohret Race
Tonya, Josh, Kate & Austin

Tonya Rohret
  • KRKate Rohret
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Superhero Challenge

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Josh and Tonya- great cause, let me know when you run, I'd love to run with you. -Matt