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Every parent of a child diagnosed with autism at some point wonders,

                                                    What will my child do when they grow up?
                                                        Will they be given a chance to work or volunteer?

                                                                                          Will they be able to engage with others in social activities?
                                                                    Will they be able to pursue their dreams?                  
Autism affects 1 in 36 children in the United States, and a growing number of individuals in our community every day.

NFAR is here to help!

Since 2005, when we hosted our first Race for Autism, NFAR has served to help fulfill the needs of the autism community.

Initially, NFAR was helping to fund treatment research, early identification and educational programs so that families could get the resources needed to jump start their child's foundational learning skills, and help improve their learning trajectory. Working with the UCSD Autism Center of Excellence, we helped to launch the One Year Well Baby check across 160 different pediatrician offices in San Diego.

At that time, autism methodologies in the classroom were just developing. To help, NFAR started our Educational Workshops so that educators from across districts could share and learn best practices from one another. And to help fund these practices, we initiated the Teacher's Grant Program so that educators could purchase equipment, specialized programs and materials to enhance their autistic student's learning during school time hours, and to make the learning process more fun and enjoyable for their students.

Through our NFAR Community Projects Program, we have supported over 100 community initiatives in early identification, education, theater and improv., sports camps, family camps, music therapy, martial arts, social skills training, driving instruction, vocational training, and parent education, training and support.

In 2015, NFAR launched our first vocational training program to help bridge the gap for autistic individuals between school and employment. There are an estimated 1.1 million persons on the autism spectrum that will turn 18 over the next 10 years. Yet, the national unemployment rate for autistic people is a dismal 85%, a figure that has remained unchanged for the last 7 years and is higher than for all other disability subgroups combined.

Our signature vocational training programs are providing comprehensive, autism-specific training in areas such as cyber security, software testing, light manufacturing, data entry, document management, product fulfillment, and more! At the same time NFAR is partnering with companies across a wide range of industries to open the doors to employment for autistic individuals, and helping to create a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community for all.

THANKS to the support of people like you, NFAR has supported over 1,000 initiatives and invested 2.2 MILLION dollars to improve the lives of those with autism, and there is much more of an impact we can have working TOGETHER!

Please join us for the Race for Autism, and help make a difference!

To learn more about NFAR and its other programs, such as our Autism Parent Groups, NFAR Community Projects, NFAR Teacher's Grants, etc., please go to