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Approximately one in every 59 children in the United States has autism, making it more prevalent than childhood cancers, juvenile diabetes and Down Syndrome COMBINED. In San Diego, there are over 20,000 individuals and their families affected by autism, and this number is expected to grow by 1.3% each year.

We can help. NFAR's mission is to mprove the outcomes and opportunities for children and young adults with autism.

To date, NFAR has invested over 1.7 million dollars in autism programs and services throughout San Diego County. Supported primarily through the funds raised at our annual Race for Autism in Balboa Park, NFAR has funded more than 900 initiatives in the areas of:

  • early identification, and programs for young families
  • educational materials, equipment and technology
  • parent informational sessions
  • enrichment programs and summer camp opportunities
  • research projects  
  • vocational and technical training for young adults 

These programs are helping those with autism by creating new learning and social opportunities, funding studies to improve treatment, providing outreach to under-served populations and providing for the immediate needs at the classroom level. 

NFAR's Technical Training Programs
NFAR's newest programs are helping to address the growing concern of what individuals with autism will do once they graduate/ transition out of the educational system (unemployment rate for those with autism is 85%) and offers a crucial pathway from the educational system to meaningful employment.

NFAR Tech is a comprehensive vocational training program teaching quality assurance processes in software testing.  Since 2016, 52 young adults have completed this 7 month program, with 75% being placed into paid work internships through the program at companies throughout San Diego.

In addition, NFAR is also now offering "NFAR Codes" - classes in software coding to help those with autism be better prepared for employment in the high tech field.

And we are working on expanding our programs to include a broader range of individuals and interests.  "NFAR Works" is scheduled to launch in 2019.

Last Year's Accomplishments:

  • Awarded 59 educators for the 2018-19 school year helping nearly 1,100 students & bringing our total teachers grants awarded to 759.
  • This year, we have served 26 students  in our technical training program, NFAR Tech.
  • Our NFAR Tech graduates have a 78% rate for achieving their ISTQB certification.
  • Hosted monthly parent groups and special events serving over 527 families.
  • Served over 385 children & youth through our Community Project Grants this year.
  • Served 82 young children (ages 2 - 8) and their families through the Engage & Connect program this year.
  • We are expanding our technical training programs to include individuals with a broader range of interests. New classes are scheduled to begin early 2019.

At NFAR we realize that by creating a concerned and active community, we will help to ensure a brighter future for our children. Please join us by showing your support and participating in the Race for Autism in April. Because you can be a HERO for Autism!

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