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Every parent of a child diagnosed with autism at some point wonders,

                                                    What will my child do when they grow up?
                                                        Will they be able to earn a living?

                                                                                                               Will they be given an opportunity to work? 

Now more than ever, there is a desperate need for programs that can successfully prepare those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) for meaningful and sustainable employment. There are an estimated 1.1 million persons on the autism spectrum that will turn 18 over the next 10 years. Yet, the national unemployment rate for autistic people is a dismal 85%, a figure that has remained unchanged for the last 7 years and is higher than for all other disability subgroups combined.

NFAR is here to help!
Our signature vocational training programs are providing comprehensive, autism-specific training for high-demand jobs of the 21st century in areas such as cyber security, software testing, light manufacturing, data entry, document management, product fulfillment, and more! At the same time NFAR is partnering with companies across a wide range of industries to open the doors to employment for autistic individuals, and helping to ensure a higher probability of long-term employment success. To date, NFAR has successfully placed 84% of its graduates in industry work internships.

But what good would it be to merely encourage others to hire, if we didn’t do this ourselves? So far, NFAR has employed 13 autistic individuals, as well as hosted 12 separate work internships positions for autistic teens.

THANKS to the support of people like you, NFAR has already supported over 1,000 initiatives and invested 2.2 MILLION dollars to improve the lives of those with autism. To learn more about NFAR and its other programs, such as our Autism Parent Groups, NFAR Community Projects, NFAR Teacher's Grants, etc., please go to