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Thank you for Creating a Team!
You've Taken the First Step in Helping Those with Autism.



Building a Team is fun, easy and a great way to enjoy the San Diego Race for Autism!

  1. 1.   Invite at least Three other awesome friends to join your team and share this experience with you.
  2. 2.   Use the on-line tools to invite people to join your team, and raise funds. 
    1. 3.   To help you Build a Team, you can print Race posters (see Race materials page) or we will send you Race posters and postcards you can use to invite others.  Contact us at

    Reach out to others in the Community – where you work, grocery shop, work-out, and where your child goes to school. Building a caring community starts with awareness. Let them know that everyone can participate in the Race for Autism and support this cause!

Event Poster  - 8-1/2 x 11 inches you can print at home or Kinko's                 
Would you like some postcards and/or posters mailed to you? 
Contact us at 858-679-8800 or
email us.

Start a company or school team and enjoy extra savings on registration!

The Justice League Package is for:
  •  Groups of 20 persons or more
  •  Flat rate of $30 per person only until March 15th.  Includes children, youth, adults, chip-timing for runners and larger shirt sizes.
  •  Upon receipt of payment ($600 or more), your group will be set up with a special code for team members to register.

To purchase a Justice League Package, please contact NFAR .  For questions, please call us at 858-679-8800 .



Many Companies are willing to Sponsor or Donate to a cause that an employee cares about.  Ask your employer to be a Sponsor of the Race for Autism. We'll provide you with all the materials. Please call us at 858-679-8800.

Matching Funds - Check to see if your employer has a matching gift program.  If so, you can DOUBLE your donations!


RAISE FUNDS - Check Out Our Fundraising Tips!
Every dollar raised makes a big difference in the number of autism programs and opportunities we are able to support in our community. We have fundraising tips and resources to help get you started. 

Please use the online tools  to raise funds and enter any donations collected directly by you. They will appear on your donor roll. You can also use the paper forms or a combination.

National Foundation for Autism Research
Attn: Race for Autism
PO Box 502177
San Diego CA 92150

Checks should be made out to "NFAR".  Please be sure to include your name with donations mailed in so we may add them to your fundraising total.