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ARCC Center Foundation

ARCC Center Foundation provides in-home respite to clients that have developmental disabilities as well as FMS (Financial Management Services) for those that are enrolled in the Self-Determination Program. We are located in San Diego County and are funded by Regional Centers across California as well as Tricare Echo for Military families. We provide respite services all over Southern California and ARCC Center provides FMS all over California.  As of 3/24, ARCC Center respite is considered an essential service and remains available for families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff are available to answer any questions! 
Contact us at (619)488-6002,, or contact us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter. 

Butterfly Effects

Butterfly Effects provides home-based treatment addressing the needs of children and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our highly educated and trained professional team of behavior analysts and technicians are experts in ABA therapy. At the same time, we recognize that you are the expert regarding your individual child and family dynamics. Our goal is to have our professionals work with the families in a collaborative effort and create an environment that promotes meaningful learning opportunities and experiences that work for your child. We will focus on the progress that matters most to you and your child.
Nikayla Houston-Hill, RBT
Registered Behavior Technician & Para Mentor
Main Office: (888) 880-9270, Cell: (619) 784-4066
Jana Goldberg, MA, BCBA
Regional Clinical Director 
Main Office: (888) 880-9270, Cell: (619) 724-8962 

Explorer Development Center
Explorer Development Center (EDC) offers early intervention services to infants and toddlers, ages birth to three and individual ABA therapy to children, over the age of three, with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), down syndrome, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Services are offered in the child's home, in the community, or at the child's school, in coordination with the child's school administrators. EDC is dedicated to explore the best practices, methods, and techniques that will benefit each individual and help them lead the most productive and fulfilling lives possible.

Name: Mariam El-Kalay
Title: Executive Director/Co-Founder
Email address:  
Direct Line: 858-381-7721
Name: Sabrina Avants
Title: Executive Director/Co-Founder
Email address:
Direct Line: 858-381-7741

Gateway Learning Group

Helping Kids Reach New Heights
Gateway Learning Group is a leading provider of autism and behavior intervention services in the Western U.S. Our direct therapy programs are organized on behalf of children and their families, often in collaboration with school districts, regional centers, and health insurance providers. Every day, our team advances lives through compassionate, evidence-based treatment.  Each child we work with has an individualized therapy program designed specifically for them, to address their unique needs while incorporating their interests and talents. Call or email us today to schedule a consultation and learn how to access ABA services! 877-264-6747 x 126

**Gateway is now accepting patients for Telehealth services! We’ve developed a comprehensive COVID-19 health and safety plan, so that we can continue providing essential in- home services during a time when they’re needed the most. For children whose behavior challenges present health and safety concerns for themselves or their families, we’re continuing to offer our in-home services. We’re offering families a complimentary 30 minute telehealth consultation with a BCBA, tailored to your specific needs. We’re happy to simply teach you a few strategies you can use on your own, or your child can join the call while we coach you through some interactive exercises. 

Rima Kliore-Frederickson, MS, BCBA
Regional Director, San Diego
877-264-6747 ext 705

Hope Comprehensive Center for Development

The Hope Comprehensive Center for well as our sister company, Hope Speech and Language Therapy in Murrieta, California, are owned by a brother sister team, Phil Ferranto, a Veteran-turned entrepreneur, and Amber Maldonado, MS, CCC-SLP. Our Clinical Director of ABA is Megan Sprague, MS, BCBA, who has been in the Behavior Analysis Field for over 15 years.

We are expanding into San Diego County and looking forward to working with you and your family. At Hope Comprehensive, it is our goal to keep the heart in our services. We believe in keeping our caseloads small, including family in the goal setting process, and making sure our families, clients, and staff feel supported.  We accept most major insurance companies and will do whatever it takes to provide you with ABA. In addition to ABA, we provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, and diagnostic services. Although we cannot all be together at the race physically, we are happy to be there in spirit. Please check us out at, , or email us directly at We look forward to being part of your family’s growth.
Phil Ferranto, Owner, Hope Comprehensive Center for Development
Ph 206-790-1577,
Megan Geving, MS, BCBA, Clinical Director of ABA
Ph 951-215-6147,
Tina Whalen, BSN, Head of Business Development
Ph 760-805-0788,

MeBe's Applied Behavioral Analysis

MeBe's Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, is a therapeutic approach that focuses on the science of learning and behavior. We practice ABA with an emphasis on verbal behavior, communication, and early intervention — and FUN! We integrate research-based strategies with intense personal attention to provide ABA therapy that’s engaging, flexible, and customized to your child’s needs. Your child won't even notice how much work they are doing!
**During this time, we are excited to be offering telehealth services for Speech & Language, OT and Feeding Therapy Services! Telehealth provides families and therapists with unique experiences that allow us to work together as a team to create a home-environment that encourages communication opportunities in play and in every-day routines. It is as effective as traditional in-person therapy, and allows a deeper look into what will truly motivate your child to communicate at home!

Our experts implement feeding therapies that are research-based and proven effective. Therapy approaches include Beckman Oral Motor Protocol and the S.O.S. Approach to Feeding. Let our team of experts bring joy to mealtimes, give you strategies to help you feel confident in helping your child, and provide success with trying new foods! Now is a great time for us to observe mealtimes and coach your family through personalized plans for success!
We are happy to answer questions for parents!
Hylan Noble, MS,CCC-SLP, Lead Speech Language Pathologist or 619-581-0042

Noah Homes

During the critical ages of 18 to 21, many search for meaning, purpose, and independence as they enter the first phase of adulthood. But what does that journey look like for someone with Autism?
Noah Homes is leading the way into the future for adults (ages 18+) with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families. As a nonprofit of 36 years, we have been pushing the boundaries of innovative residential care, advocacy and collaborative services. We collaborate closely with the San Diego Regional Center, employers and day programs and have 26 vehicles to support residents in inclusive leisure activities within the broader community. We encourage families to come get to Noah Us as soon as possible and join us in ensuring every person with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities has a lifelong home of their choice.  General Information email:
Race Contact email:
Phone: (619) 660-6200 ext. 126

Xcite Steps
Our team at Xcite Steps supports, enriches and empowers children, teens and adults who experience a cognitive or developmental disability. We strive to find the most naturalistic opportunities to build on socialization, behavioral challenges, communication, language, play, daily living, and academic skills.  Our goal is to maximize success and create an enriched and empowered lifestyle through unique behavioral programs that are intricately tailored for each individual.
We are excited to announce that we have moved our Xcite Steps Behavior and Therapy Center! We are now at 9245 Activity Road, Suite 106, San Diego CA 92126. We have expanded our services in a new updated and larger facility. To learn more about our services please contact us at 858-428-0222 And/or, Monday-Friday 8am-6pm.
Pamela Garrity will be available to answer questions by phone and email. 
Phone: 858-703-7305 

Due to Covid19,  the Virtual Resource Fair will officially launch  in April's Autism Awareness Month!