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Fundraising for the Race for Autism! 


Your fundraising dollars play a very important role towards improving the lives of those with autism. 100% of the donations raised for the Race go towards supporting autism programs and services that provide the greatest amount of impact.

Whether you are a pro, or a first time fundraiser, here are some tips and resources to get you started and on your way to reaching your fundraising goals.

Use the Fundraising Tools When you register for the Race for Autism, we automatically provide you with a fundraising page. Take advantage of these high tech tools to reach out to your friends and family through email and social media. 

Facebook Fundraising - Want to raise funds through Facebook? Please contact NFAR at 858-679-8800 and let us know so that we can better track your totals.

Tell Your Story - Let donors know why this cause is important to you and why you are raising funds.  You can customize your fundraising page with your story, pictures, and video.

Double Your Donations - Check to see if your employer has a matching gifts program.  We will fill out the paperwork.  This easy step can double your donations! 

Grassroots Fundraising can be fun!

  Below are some creative and really FUN activities you can organize with friends, family and co-workers that makes fundraising FUN!

Host a Fun Event at your Home (outside this year!)

Game Night - Make your fundraiser a big deal!  Host a Bunco, cards or board games night. Whatever your favorite game is - from Family Feud to Black Jack or even Go Fish!  Charge for admission and donate the proceeds.

Virtual Game Night - Charge an entry fee and host an awesome virtual video game night with friends.

Wine Tasting Party - Invite family and friends to each bring a bottle of wine to an outdoor party.  Provide the appetizers. Hide the labels and charge a fee to have guests sample and rate the wines and the one with the most votes receives a prize for bringing the best wine!  Cheers!

Dance Party - Dance the night away... Create a fun theme – 80’s, Disco, Valentines or New Year’s Dance– and charge admission to the dance!

Movie Night - Host a movie night on the big screen outside for the neighborhood.  Charge admission and donate the proceeds.

Backyard Camp-out - Invite your friends to a backyard camp-out. Charge a fee for them to set up their tent and enjoy the great outdoors!

Girls Night Driveway Get-Together - Invite your girlfriends over for a girl’s night. Donate what you’d normally spend on a night out! Get creative: have a fire pit and plenty of wine!

Host an Event at Work!
Host a Coffee or Tea - Host a morning tea or coffee for your work colleagues. Get participants to donate to get treated! 

Bake Sale – Who doesn’t like baked goods this time of year?  Invite friends or coworkers to join you in baking some delectable goodies to sell at work.

Give Change for Autism - Ask your coworkers to donate their loose change for a week. Their change can make a big change!
Dress Day at Work - Arrange a day with the Boss and co-workers must pay for the privilege to dress the part.  If work is typically casual – have a dress up day.  If work is business attire – have a casual day. Our personal fave: Superhero Day!

Host an Event at the Park!

Throw a Picnic or Bar BQ!  Invite friends, family and/or coworkers to a good ole fashioned picnic or BBQ with all the fixings.  Ask for a donation to attend. 

Bocce Ball Tournament - Organize a bocce ball tournament and have friends/ teams donate an entry fee. Have a prize or certificate for the winning team!

Host an Event at the Beach!
Surf Contest - Host your very own surf contest and charge an entry fee. Winner gets a prize.

Sandcastle Building Contest - Have a sand castle building contest and charge an entry fee.  First place gets a prize!