To "Create a Team" or "Join a Team" is easy and fun to do!  Click on REGISTER and set-up or join a Team during the registration process. Each person will need to use their own email address. For questions on how to register children without emails, please go to "Event Information" on the menu bar above, select "Event Info" and scroll to the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you at the Race!

Not available on Race Day?  You can still be a hero by selecting the "Race from Home" option when registering.  We will mail you a Race T-shirt, bib and finisher medal!

Teams and Participants

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LaChana Shelton
February 27 at 4:24pm
I'm volunteering & running this year
Melody Belk
February 23 at 1:49pm
This will be my first race ever! I signed up for the one mile only and I'm having my last soda splurge today! My sons school is one mile from our home and I just power walked my first mile in 16 minutes! I'm so excited to do this for my son! I even bought him a black cape at Target for race day! AND raised my first $24 in recycling for my goal! #soblessed #soexcited
Erin Flahaven Stuart
February 22 at 11:00am
I love this!! My family will be doing the "run at home" option since we live out of State. Sharing on my Understanding Liam page to encourage my family & friends in So Cal to join in!!

Estela Guerrero
February 22 at 10:44am
Let's do it

Marcella Helena Torres
February 22 at 9:56am
This is the race I texted you guys about! Let's do it!!

Nicole Iglesias
February 21 at 10:02pm
I can't wait for my medal!

Melody Belk
February 21 at 6:46pm
Team "Lego Landon for Life" will be there!

Caroline Carrie Geiger Wessel
February 21 at 6:37pm
We get medals:):):):

Sonia LoveHov
February 21 at 5:43am
Team: Just B!!!
My nephew Barris reminds us to JUST B who we are and together we can put all the pieces together!!!
Eileen Valero
February 20 at 8:10pm
Team iWALKK - Our Ohana participates to promote & raise Autism Awareness within our Community w/our amazing Family & Friends!! See you on Mar. 21st!!

Debra Anne Miller-Harshaw
February 20 at 8:08pm
This is our first time, no team name but we are racing/walking for my 22 yr old daughter Tiffanni, I love her sooooooooo much

Natalia Tafur Coan
February 20 at 6:52pm
We are racing with Hawthorn Huskies because we are Husky Proud (for Hawthorne Elementary) and because the ASD family and supporters are the strongest most amazing people everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Zaira Bellamy
February 20 at 2:52pm
Im running this in Joshua's honor

Lynn Bedard Gagne
February 20 at 2:31pm
I walk because I have terrific family members who have autism and who work hard every day to make the world better for folks with autism and their families! #TeamScrambledEggs

Stephanie Spor-Klaudt
February 20 at 12:53pm
Can we enter as a virtual runner. We aren't there this year we run for Wyatt. #TEAMQUIETWYATT
Hilda Cookie Garcia
February 20 at 12:34pm
#teammilliesmiles I race for Millie because she is my life and reason for pushing thru the tough times. #race4autism

Jared McCullough
February 20 at 12:32pm
My wife and I are racing for my son who loves Toy Story, so our team name is Trent's Round Up Gang.

Crystal Ramage Read
February 19 at 8:58pm
This will be our 4th year for Team Adam! Adam is my 7 year old son who was diagnosed PDDNOS at 18 months, and then we got our autism diagnosis at age 3. He works so hard to communicate with us, we are so proud of all of his accomplishments. This is a very dear cause to my family and myself. ?? I love going every year and meeting new family and getting great info from all of the different vendors. This truly is a wondering resource. Thank you guys so much, and many more supportive years to come. #raceforautusmsandiego

Kenneth Oelke
February 19 at 2:44pm
Team thunder and lighting hunter oelke

Emma Irene Reyes
February 18 at 6:23pm
#TeamEndurance and my siblings and I'll be racing for my boy Arthur. Who has autism and multiple disabilities. He will be joining us as well as my 2yr old. :-) #mommysDemons
Blanca Blake
February 18 at 6:45am
Go Xander's team!

Hilda Cookie Garcia
February 15 at 9:42pm
Team Millie's miles walks for Millie's journey! We walk to get the word out and support the rest of our community. #race4autism

Erica Arce
February 12 at 12:47pm
Yay, I'm excited!! I'm doing it in the honor of my 3 year old who has autism!!!(;

Donette Aday Brantley
February 11 at 10:15am
Noah's Super Hero's will be as well.. If it's only two of us...

Liz Reyes LeFore
February 9 at 8:52am
 that is sooo cool! are we going to dress up? or get cool shirts?

Christie Dougherty
February 8 at 8:55pm
If you don't have a team feel free to join ours :) https://www.raceforautism.org/Team/View/6161/The-Autism-Avengers

Hilda Cookie Garcia
February 7 at 9:52am
I'm racing for my daughter Millie as team Millie's Miles. I do it because she is an inspiration to me and I will climb mountains, swim the roughest waters to make sure she has a better chance of life. #race4autism

 ·  Feb 6
We are Team Super Hunter and we are racing in the #Race4Autism and raising awareness because we want to help support @NFAForg.

Debra Berl
January 30 at 8:11pm
We wanna go!