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April 1:    Challenge Kick Off Celebration!
                 Featuring the "I am more than my autism" video.
                  Starting at 12:00 noon at

April 2:    Expert Voices: World Autism Acceptance Day - Special Guest Speaker SOLD OUT
                The When, What, and How of ASD Development with Q&A
                  Zoom Lunch & Learn with leading scientific researcher, Dr. Eric Courchesne

                        child and brain
                       Friday April 2nd
                12:00 noon - 1:00 pm PST
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April 3:    Amplifying Autistic Voices: Special Guest Speaker            
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Join us as we sit down with Marcelle Ciampi M.Ed.,(aka Samantha Craft), Ambassador and Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Ultranauts Inc. Marcelle is a respected autistic author and worldwide advocate, and will discuss the many pressing issues facing autistic young adults today.
Starting at 12:00 noon at


April 5:    Community Voices - midway celebration!
                         Featuring short video clips and photos of our Race Superheroes!
                    Starting at 12:00 noon at

April 6:   Voices of Opportunities – Special Guest Speaker!
Dr Karen Pierce, Co-director of the UCSD Autism Center of Excellence
                    Join us as she explains the research and “Cutting edge research opportunities for teens and children on the Spectrum”.
                    Starting at 12:00 noon at

April 8:    NFAR Voices
  -NFAR’s Perspective: “What Happens After Graduation?”
                      Autistic individuals often don't follow the traditional school-to-college-to-career path to employment.
                      Join NFAR's Industry Outreach Specialist Chelsea Asaro, as she explores different post-grad.options, resources and suggestions. 
                       -NFAR Graduate Panel
                      NFAR Tech graduates discuss their training and how it has helped each further their professional goals.
                      Starting at 12:00 noon at

April 9:    Employer Voices: Autism in the Workplace
Join us for a frank discussion with 3 respected professionals as they share their experiences hiring & managing autistic individuals.
                     Starting at 12:00 noon at

April 10:  Last Day Challenge Celebration!
Wrapping up 10 days of making a difference!
                     Kicked off by Fox 5 San Diego’s Raoul Martinez, we’ll feature highlights and spots from Sponsors, teams, top fundraisers, & more!
                    Starting at 4:00 pm at