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J&S Pediatric Therapy, Inc

J&S Pediatric Therapy, Inc

We at J&S Pediatric Therapy, Inc. are thrilled to announce our participation in the 20th Anniversary Race for Autism SUPERHERO 5K Run/Walk on Saturday, April 6, 2024, hosted in the stunning Balboa Park. As we kick off April's Autism Acceptance Month, we're excited to engage in this meaningful event. We warmly invite you to join us in this endeavor! Your support means everything to us as we continue to advocate for this important cause.
Autism now affects 1-in-36 children in the US today. That's up from 1-in-44 just 2 years ago.

Your participation can help to change the future for someone with autism! Every dollar raised goes to directly support autism programs, services, employment programs, outreach efforts, and educational initiatives that are making a difference. THANKS to the support of people like you, the Race has funded over 1,000 initiatives in our community, and benefitted thousands of individuals with autism and their families each year.

Please join J&S Pediatric Therapy, Inc and give as generously as you can. Your support is greatly appreciated! Together, let's be SUPERHEROES for autism!
Scott Calderwood
  • PKPresston Kennedy
  • RRRebecca Robinson
  • AHAdrien Harrison
  • DADevon Ayres
  • BABenji Ayres
  • AHAdrien Harrison
  • CICami Iwamiya
  • TITiana Iwamiya
  • MLMegan Lamison
  • KLKevin Lamison
  • DBDanielle Bustamante
  • GBGarret Bustamante
  • JRJavier Rosales
  • LRLuis Rodriguez
  • JRJasmine Rodriguez
  • RNRachel Nolan
  • SNSkyler Nolan
  • LMLiz Martinez
  • JMJen Martinez
  • TLTatum LaVoise
  • JEJovany Estrada
  • SGSal Gonzalez
  • CKCameron Kasey
Zack Grant
  • LGLaura Grant


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